Saturday, July 10, 2010

A taste of reality.

I was extremely saddened this morning, when it was time for the group of missionaries from Ransenville New York to head home. I have come to be good friends with almost all of them. They were a huge blessing to everyone here, and I miss them already. But I know at least for now their purpose here is served. I hope to stay in contact, and see them again!

This afternoon me Larry, and one of FOHOs Haitian leaders Jean, all took a truckload of garbage to the dump here in Port Au Prince... I think today might have been one of the most heartbreaking days I have had. Larry told me to prepare myself for what I was gonna see, and he also told me to bring my camera so I can share it will all of you guys...

The dump seemed to stretch as far as you could see.. The whole place wreaked of the stench of every kind of filth. I can't even describe the putridity of this place, yet nonetheless, many, many people survive off what is dumped here.

When any truck arrives, people run from every direction to search the waste for anything they can eat or drink.

Here they are lined up and waiting for a truck to unload.

Here is a house right in the middle of the dump, possibly one of the most terrible places on earth.

Keep in mind, as you stare at these pictures, that these are REAL people like you and me. This isn't a movie, or some horrible fantasy. These people really are human with thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams, family, and friends, that are living in YOUR world. These people are literally forced to eat, sleep, and pee right alongside pigs..

This is real.

As you read this right now you have two options. You can turn away from your computer and continue living and forget all about this.. But I want to challenge all of my readers right now.

Fast for ONE DAY this week. The next day before you eat anything, pray and thank your Heavenly Father for your clean and sanitary food. Give thanks that He blessed you, and that it was not you that he chose to be born into such oppressive poverty. And as you eat, pray for those across the world that are digging through the garbage for their meal at that very moment.

I would also like to challenge all of my readers to go ONE MONTH without throwing away one spec of food... This mean be CAREFUL how much food you take. As followers of Christ we cannot let gluttony to be apart of our lives!

Believe me! This experience has certainly changed my view of this topic permanently.

Today, don't pray for me. Pray for the men, women, and children in those photos.

I love you guys!



~Kris said...

I have seen and smelled exactly what your talking about when I was in Guatemala.... In Guatemala city 2,000 people live off the dump, but, it was so terrible that they had to regulate an age because when it rains the dump (being in a valley between mountains) becomes deadly, and they have simply lost people because they've sunk.. or the vehicle they were in sunk suddenly, and they could not find them... Or the children would just disappear...

Take every feeling, conviction, thought, prayer, and pushing from God, and imprint it on your heart. Learn these things and this attitude of total humility and servitude to take with you everywhere you ever go... Soak these things into your thoughts, and impress it upon heart. Because, you never want to forget these things, and this time in Haiti will forever change you if you want it to...

Trust me, you want it to.

I love you.

Rina said...

Hey bro :)
I agree with Krista,don't forget about this, as I will try to do the same. I'm a visual person so thank you for taking the pictures.

I'm taking your one day fasting challenge for tomorrow,Sunday.I am mentioning this because I want you to know that people ARE listening to you.And, more challenges will be welcomed. I'm glad your involving your readers so much :)

I love you,