Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rest and passion.

Sometimes it seems like the days that you sit and relax are more tiring then when you work all day! Today we took a much needed sabbath day, and we got back around 5PM here and I was so exhausted I could barely keep my eyes open! So now that it is 11:30PM here as I write, I feel as though I have already had a full nights sleep!... But then again, my tiredness could have been due to the HUGE and LOUD party that was going on right outside my window last night, which dragged on apparently until about 3:30, and was finally crashed by some police who unloaded their guns into the air. Needless to say Saturday nights in Port Au Prince are crazy!

Today we went and worshiped God in a tent, right next to the school we have been working on. My understanding is that it is a Haitian free methodist church. The Haitians are so VERY passionate when they worship! I didn't know what to think when a woman up front began praying at the top of her lungs. It sounded as if she was screaming because she was angry. Because of the language barrier, I didn't understand a lot. But I soon realized she was crying out to God... Possibly in desperation? Many of the women in are group were moved to tears by her passionate prayers. I realize this is a different culture then at home, but either way it still got me thinking..

Why are so many Christians back home so scared to show passion for the Lord? Surely it's not because Americans just aren't emotional.. As I say this, I realize that there are "charismatic" churches, which are full of emotion.. But I am not saying our faith should ONLY consist of emotions... However I believe there is a time for sadness, a time for anger, a time for excited-ness, a time for peace, a time for calm, and a time to let loose your heart before God. But it seems our worship services consist of very little WORSHIP! It is as though we have gotten comfortable with watching others worship. Don't you realize that God gave you emotions for a reason? Don't you realize every emotion can give God worship? Why are we ashamed of emotions?.. One of the greatest ironies I have seen, is an entire congregation sing about being free to run and dance...... Yet doing neither. Does it show holiness to act bored? Be aware, that I am speaking to myself as much as anyone else!

On another note, after church today me, Larry and the group of missionaries all went across Port Au Prince, out of town, and through some incredible wilderness, to an extremely nice beach. I swam for the first time in the Caribbean! It was the warmest salt water I have ever experienced. The water was so CLEAR and beautiful!

Here are a few shots I took today..

Outside of Port Au Prince there are long stretches of just prairies, with the occasional "tent city" or small town.

One of the small towns we passed.

We had mountains on one side of us...

And the sea on the other side of us!

Here is the beach we stayed at. =)

I will be praying for you all!
Thank again for all your guys support.
Much love.



Joshua said...

Grammar Nazi! lol jk.. This is really cool man, I hope you are able to keep up with this blog. I keep thinking "Hey! I should txt Elijah and see how he's doing." But then.. Darn it.. I can't..

Anonymous said...

Hey Kiddo,

Just got back from Colorado, and we all really miss you, but reading this blog makes it all better. It's wonderful to hear how you feel and see a little of what you see. It impacts my heart, so I can only imagine what it is doing to yours.

Above all else, I am so excited to see you exactly where God wants you to be. Well done, son. Well done, indeed.

I'm sure you know that you are in our prayers daily, and our hearts constantly.

A little request: think you could post a picture of Larry Judy? I'd love to see the man who is mentoring my son.

Love you, Kiddo.